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Bienvenue! My name is Metra and this is my blog about traveling solo. The reason I created this blog was for all my fellow female solo travelers and for my future female solo travelers who are looking for the inspiration to travel on their own. I take much pride in being able to travel solo because I love knowing I’m strong and capable of adventure and the unknown awaits and I’m on my way.

Some background about me is I grew up in a small city in southern California and it’s where I’m currently residing. I went to university for my bachelors and masters in California, what can I say I love the sunshine state. The love of my life is a 4 legged ball of fur named Milo (he’s a dog). What I love to do on my spare time besides from the obvious traveling, I love going to the gym, running, yoga, and I’m a TV fanatic. I’ve been wanting to learn french so I will soon be taking a class at my local community college. If there’s anyone who wants to practice with me send me a message. I’m going to run a half marathon this year, maybe 2. Oh yes, I choose to live a vegan/plant-based lifestyle because I’m an animal lover and it’s a healthier way of living.

My current major goals for traveling is to visit every continent, currently 4 down 3 to go, visit every Disney Park, currently 3 down 3 to go, see all the new 7 wonders of the world, currently 4 down (including the Giza Pyramids) and 4 to go. Don’t worry I will be blogging about all the places I’ve already been in the near future. This is just a snap shot of the things I would like to accomplish in the next couple of years but my goals will always be evolving and never-ending, like my desire to travel.

So come along with me on my journey of wanderlust as I explore the unknown.

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    1. Solo Sista Post author

      Hey Cora,
      That is amazing! I created this travel blog to encourage other females to try traveling solo. I would love to hear about your first solo trip. Thanks for your support.

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